Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods are essential devices used to protect personnel against exposure to hazardous chemicals and gases.
Our fume hoods are designed for highest standards of safety and incorporate futuristic features. They are available in wide vareity of sizes and customisable.

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Bench Mounted Fume Hoods are supplied with storage base modules suitable for standing working but can also be mounted on existing lab tables.

Bench Mounted Fume Hoods

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These Fume Hoods are having low worktop height and are useful when working with tall distillation equipment as they provide large inner working height.

Low Bench Fume Hoods

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Walk-in fume hoods, which are basically bench hoods that reach the floor, allow users to walk in and out to set up equipment before and after work begins. .

Walk In Fume Hood

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We provide fume hoods with complete flameproof accessories to safely handle flammable products inside the fume hood. They are available in both bench mounted and walk in variety.

Flameproof Fume Hood